Fundamental Terms and Concepts for Founders

Business ABC - Enterprises, Startups & Economy

04.09.2020 - 09:15 bis 17:00

Have you always worked in a scientific setting and aren’t comfortable with business terminology?

This workshop will focus on fundamental terms and concepts for startup-founders. We will discuss various topics about founding a company, e.g. finding the right idea, team and business models. What does it mean to be an entrepreneur? How do I finance myself and the team? How do I identify the opportunities and the risks? What do I need to take into account? The workshop will include an introduction to fundamental concepts and a discussion about individual topics and participant questions. In the afternoon a startup founder will join the group to talk about their own experience and give insights into the startup life.

No previous knowledge is required or assumed for this training, which is both useful to beginners and people with some initial experience.

The Startup Academy is a program for Scientific Startups from the Potsdam Science Park and Future Entrepreneurs.

Format: Online
Different modules, interactive exercises, sufficient breaks and a mix of modalities (zoom, breakout rooms, phone, walk&talk) will be mixed throughout the day.

What you need to provide
Please make sure that you have a working camera on your computer - we want to see everyone! Your background doesn't need to be perfect.

  • Laptop, Phone, notepad and pen, sticky notes

  • Your favorite beverage and drinks for your well-being and comfort

We will be online at 9 am to make sure that we can start at 9:15 am.

You will receive a certificate of participation.

Dr. Arndt Schwaiger is an experienced entrepreneur, advisor, speaker and investor. His background in artificial intelligence and extensive business experience provides a unique and balanced perspective. Arndt has started several technology companies and has advised more than 400 startups, SMEs and corporations on their digital business models, technology and overall strategy. His education, large international network and experience in business models also provide a wealth of practical knowledge in this burgeoning field.

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Costs: free
Language: english
Institution: Standortmanagement Golm GmbH