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07.12.2021 - 12:00 bis 13:00

This Future2Go hosts a guest speaker, who is an alumnus of the Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology, Branch Bioanalytics and Bioprocesses.

About Future2Go

Future2Go is an informal lecture series on career paths presented by alumni from various institutes at the Potsdam Science Park. Students, PhDs and PostDocs can learn about alternatives to an academic research career: How do you apply for and obtain a patent? How do you found a new company?

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Costs: free
Language: english
Registration: https://events.potsdam-sciencepark.de/de/events/17adc74f-a203-497d-8c09-...
Contact: jana.dotzek@potsdam-sciencepark.de
Institution: Standortmanagement Golm GmbH