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International Tuesday meets Future2Go

10.08.2021 - 18:00 bis 20:00

Under the slogan *Potsdam open „ Unlike as you think …“ we present this months Future2Go in cooperation with the Neues Potsdamer Toleranzedikt e. V. live at the Inselbühne Potsdam. Why? Because we think it is very interesting to present the topic of founding as an International here in Germany in a little more detail.

Our guests are 2 founders who both came to Germany to do research and are now building their own startup.

The registration for this event is done via an external site.

As soon as this is activated, you will receive the link from us and we ask you to register there.

Find more information about the International Tuesday here: http://international-tuesday.de/

About Future2Go

Future2Go is an informal lecture series on career paths presented by alumni from various institutes at the Potsdam Science Park. Students, PhDs and PostDocs can learn about alternatives to an academic research career: How do you apply for and obtain a patent? How do you found a new company?

More Information

Costs: free
Language: english
Registration: https://events.potsdam-sciencepark.de/de/events/7bc7e8f0-4910-4c7e-8d8e-...
Contact: jana.dotzek@potsdam-sciencepark.de
Institution: Standortmanagement Golm GmbH